atop technology -澳门亚美开户


  • dot-matrix elecho phoretic display (epd, e-paper) has wide viewing angle.
  • low power consumption.
  • barcode readable on the displayed graph.
  • easy management for warehouse to adjust item’s location, eliminating the job and cost to re-print label on shelf     to identify products.
  • allow to pre-store multiple graphics to present one tag to control multiple locations features.
  • easy identification via real product graphics to assist.
  • 2 up/down illuminated functional buttons.
  • 2 separated display windows, first one is e-paper display to show item information by graph, the second one is   3-digit 7-segment to display quantity.
  • one 6-colors large illuminated completion button.
  • robust and reliable button, rated for over 20 million button presses.
  • fully compatible with atop’s other cableless pick-to-light products.